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New Gojira track?
Why thank you kindly sir! 

Soundwave Melbourne 2012. Quite possibly the best festival I have been to, to date!

My day started in the moshpit for Gojira. (I originally intended to catch Zebrahead but after staying up too late the night before I thought better to conserve my energy for the main even (SOAD)). Something about their music just makes me really hyped up and ready to lose myself to the music. I havn’t been listening to these guys for very long but after their sideshow I knew this was one of the bands I had to see! Such a melodic form of metal in my opinion, definitely not one of those bands that just make music because they can. Giving french a reputable name on the metal scene!! With a drummer as epic as Mario and a singer such as Joseph, you can’t really go wrong. After their 30 minutes of amazement and being moshed half to death/kicked in the coxic bone by an attempting crowd surfer I moved onto my next band.

Catching the last 20 minutes of Hyro Da Hero I knew I was in for a treat! still half deaf from his sideshow the night before and being questioned at the door why we had tickets and everyone else payed at the door (this was a first for me) there was much anticipation for his show! At the end of his set just like the night before he jumped down into the crowd, making them form a wedge for him to get through, after which he told everyone he wanted to ‘feel the love’ with a great big hug from everyone! They rushed him, it was awesome. He than proceeded to play his final track for the day minus the vocals as the crowd destroyed the microphonein the mosh.
Dream on, Dreamer A band recently introduced to me are one of those amazing local acts you know are going to go places. The kind that makes you lose faith in the music industry if they fail. Once again I pushed myself into the mosh. Being a hardcore band, the kids aren’t quite as heavy as the big burly metal fans when they land on your head but they still know how to have fun! Up at the front of the mosh again Someone stood on the back of my shoe, ripping it down the side and half pulling it off, it was at that time that a wall of death opened up. I was forced to try and hold still during the rush or risk losing my shoe.. dragging it on the ground on my way towards the back I retreated.

Up fourth I watched Meshuggah, not really knowing their music and having come a bit late I took the sidelines for their show. They were fairly impressive. Not much else to say as I dont really know the band.

In Flames were next on my list for the day. I wasn’t really expecting much from them to be honest. After their last two albums I was kind of lost from their fandom but after seeing them I think it’s safe to say im a re-introduced fan boy! They were amazing! definitely one of the highlights of the day! After sitting on the sidelines for the first few tracks they played one of the oldies that I grew up with, knew and loved deeply. naturally i pushed myself towards the front for a good old mosh. It was at that time Anders (the singer) started telling everyone to crowd surf. A couple of large men in front of me form a sling using their hands and started hurling people onto the crowd. I was about the tenth person up. As i hit the ground in front of them i figured maybe the crowd had enough of the crowd surfing. My second attempt was more succesful. Even with jesper gone these guys manages to put on one of the most amazing sets of the day!

After this it was time to see Circa Survive. I loved these guys. They stand out from the crowd.. especially Anthony. Who after being told he was heavily into drugs I could quite easily notice. Anthony had a way with the crowd, instead of telling us to openly wave our hands and go crazy he argued against us doing these things. Trying to swim against the stream so to speak. I like that. Having only really listened to their music properly a couple days before hand I was still wildly impressed with their show and music. kudos to them lol.

After this it was time to line up for the main event! Trying to get up in the right mosh I was filtered into the wrong side. so I was forced to make my way out once again and sit on the fence stressing about not being able to get in in time for the epicness. During this time I was forced to sit through Marylin Manson. This guy is hardly worth a mention but I will anyway. He was beyond drug fucked, probably had no idea where he was, telling the crowd he doesn’t have sex with underage women and throwing a vial of who knows what into the crowd… he is well beyond his expiry date and i feel sorry for his band. Apparantly he spent the entire sydney show lieing down and was boo’d off stage ten minutes early.

Next up was Slipknot, Although I was in the mosh next to them I could still see them perfectly clearly and was still surrounded by a barrage of crazy fans losing themselves to the tunes being blasted out by these crazy masked musicians! I was never really a fan growing up with these guys but I was told to give them a second chance this day. So I did. The music was alright. Someone generic in my opinion but the stage presence was second only to Rammstein! The amount of props and effects they had was beyond incredible! Highlight was easily when john the drummer pulled a vertical drum song and mucho respecto to him coming out and playing a song at the SOAD sideshow with the band.

Of course now the headliners!! The reason I bought the soundwave tickets in the first place. The band that single handedly got me into music when I was younger and listened to non stop for as many years as possible! I absoloutly love these dudes and got to see them twice in the same week! System Of A Down!! Words can not describe how amazing their set was so I’ll try to put it this way. I hardly ever take photos for bands. I’m always too busy enjoying the mosh and appreciating the music for time to do that. Plus I always feel like I’m going to drop my phone/camera. But for these guys I risked a few brief moments to try and get some form of captured memory for these legends. Naturally it wasn’t during their best tracks as I was too busy pelting my heart out, losing my voice and my sanity. They played all my favourite songs (except for spiders but you can’t win them all) including my all time favourite track since ever!! science!! not to mention holy mountains, byob and of course toxicity!! After all the previous moshing I was forced to use my right leg only for majority of the 90 minute set but it was worth every pain staking second. Definite highlight for the decade to come!

Once again Soundwave Melbourne, 2012. The best festival I have been to, to date. Excuse the terrible photography.



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Tickets came the other day.I shall be in attendance.How excite!!

Tickets came the other day.
I shall be in attendance.
How excite!!